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Portland Lofts

What is a Loft?

A loft is a type of condominium. Typically lofts have open floor plans and exposed concrete walls. They may have exposed heating ductwork and electrical components. Frequently, sleeping areas are on raised platforms with 3-4 foot high walls or curtains to separate them from the other living areas. Small spaces feel larger and lighter when used as lofts in contrast to being closed in with walls to create bedrooms and other separate spaces.

The following lists shows Pearl District buildings that are lofts:

Avenue Lofts

Chown Pella Lofts

City Lofts

Edge Lofts


Flanders Street Lofts


Irving Street Lofts

Marshall Wells Lofts

Mckenzie Lofts

North Park Blocks Lofts

Pearl Lofts

Street Car Lofts