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Pearl District: North Park Blocks Lofts

North Park Blocks Lofts Photo
North Park Blocks Lofts

300 N.W. 8th Avenue

Originally built in the early 1900’s and used as an indoor junkyard, the North Park Lofts underwent a dramatic conversion in the late 1990’s that added 5 additional floors.  Now standing 11 stories, North Park Lofts offers 67 residential units.  The lower floors have warehouse elements such as tall ceilings, exposed timber beams and concrete columns.  The top five floors were sold as shells and buyers finished them to their own specifications.  Each of those units is dramatically different.

The building has a great rooftop deck common area with its own kitchenette that overlooks the North Park Blocks.  


There are currently no public listings for North Park Blocks Lofts.

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