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Pearl District: Area Profile

Sophistication and Style in Portland

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Historically, the Pearl District was an area of warehouses and railroad yards that serviced the central business district of Portland. It was also home to a few art galleries and restaurants. Currently, The Pearl District is rapidly being transformed from industrial/commercial into a residential/commercial area as old warehouses are being converted and new residential properties; condos/lofts and townhouses are under construction. Huge construction cranes dominate the skyline. The area is the hottest real estate market in Portland. Many residents enjoy the Pearl District because they can work in the city and walk to work or benefit from the free public transportation in downtown Portland. The Pearl District now has a trolley line that connects it to other Northwest Portland locations and to the MAX rail line that serves more distant communities such as Gresham to the east and Hillsboro to the west. The Pearl offers remarkable art galleries as well as antiques, furniture, and other shops that offer artistic items. It also hosts many superb places for dining and libations.